Come On, Fay

from by R.J. O'Hara

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When Teddy met Fay she took his breath away
He tried to say hello and she gave him a smile
He though ‘if angels exist, they must look something like this’
When she turned to leave, he asked her to stay a while

Now Teddy could swear he fell in love then and there
As he looked at the way the moon lit up her face
He thought ‘Teddy, be a man’, took her by the hand
And said ‘Fay, do ya think you wanna go someplace?’

Come on, Fay, don’t ya worry
I could never let a damn thing happen to you
You don’t need to be in such a hurry
Just take my hand and I’ll show you what we can do

Now Fay and Teddy, they started going steady
Happier than they had ever been
She made him feel that true love was real
And he showed her things that she’d never seen

When the nights were hot he would take her out to the lake
One night he took off his clothes and jumped in
When he beckoned to Fay, she turned her head away
And said ‘come on Teddy, you know I can’t swim’

And Teddy said
Come on, Fay, don’t ya trust me?
What did I tell you when we first met?
I’ve been wonderin’ if this is love and I think it must be
You can do anything, baby, now that’s a bet

In the back of Teddy’s car, looking up at the stars
Underneath a blanket, cuddled up tight
Fay looked at her man, held him by the hand
And said ‘oh baby, what a beautiful night’

Then Teddy leaned in, gently stroked her chin
Kissed her hard and ran a hand up her thigh
She said ‘wait a minute, Teddy. I’m not sure I’m ready’
That’s when he got a strange look in his eye and said

Come on, Fay, don’t ya love me?
Don’t ya wanna show me how much you care?
Why are you acting like you’re scared of me?
You can’t keep doing this to me, you know it ain’t fair

Teddy was strong, she couldn’t stop him for long
He held her down hard to stop her cryin’ aloud
When he rolled off of Fay, he asked if she was okay
But she didn’t make a sound

Come on, Fay, can you hear me?
I didn’t mean to hurt you, I guess I got carried away
Stop it, babe, you’re really starting to scare me
This ain’t funny, just tell me that you’re okay

Come on, Fay
Just open your eyes


from Nineteen, released October 17, 2014



all rights reserved


R.J. O'Hara Dunedin, New Zealand

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